Swag Meter

See how much swag you have and compare with other visitors of qbear.org! This page will generate your swag score - complete with a graphical breakdown of how your swag is distributed across multiple categories. All swag scores are based on a set of in-depth, proprietary formulas that have been developed over many years. The current iteration expands on the previous version released in 2019 and fine tunes many of the more nuanced processes of swag determination. You can input nicknames, psuedonyms, etc. - but remember - the swag meter will adjust it's results to that version of you, potentially resulting in different outputs.

Type your swag meter input below. This is only used client side and is not stored. The algorithms determine your surface level coolness, add in the balance your radness brings to the table, sprinkle on the change of pace created by your wickedness, and tie it all together by using your grooviness to flatten out any variance. These values are then analyzed, and integrated into your swag score breakdown that will appear below after submission. You can save the Swag Distribution Report as an image by clicking the camera in the top right of the report.