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Check in hear to see what's been updated since the last time you were here! Everything to help make sure you didn't miss any of the new additions guaranteed to change your life forever. Sorted newest to oldest, each entry in the "What's New" tab contains it's date and a description. Items tagged [External] contain updates about something not on my website so you can Ctrl+F your way to those. Come back frequently... it's for your own good, I promise


1/19/2023 - A1 Mario World on smwcentral.net

A1 Mario World is now on smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=32956! Check it out there or on the main page here.

12/23/2022 - Merry Chirstmas (from my sister)

My sister got me some new playing cards for Christmas. They look cool and are an awesome tool for safety rule education! Head over to the Playing Cards page to check out these new cards and the rest of my colection!

10/31/2022 - My Little Pony Bag Tag League 2: Electric Hoove-aloo

My Little Pony Bag Tag League 2: Electric Hoove-aloo is officially underway! check out the hub for information, results tracking, and rules!

9/10/2022 - Visitor's Log Submission Overhaul

I overhauled the Visitor's Log submission form! You can now fill out the form in your browser, no Google Forms required. After you fill out the form, it will open in your device's email client for you to send them my way! ... You've filled out the visitor's log before? Who cares - fill it out again :) . There is a lot of new stuff you can experience on the webpage, share your thoughts in your next Visitor's Log entry.

9/9/2022 - A1 Mario World

I made a Super Mario World RomHack. You can play it if you want at A1 Mario World. Versions A and 1 are the same, with minor color swaps. The downloads are patch files, not game files. If you have never played a SMW romhack read this thread (smwcentral.net), and send me an email at qbear@qbear.org.

4/22/2022 - Linked InGuess Who-ordle!!!

[Deprecated - This lasted like 2 days... oof] In this uniquie, daily(ish) challenge, sleuth your way to the solution of the puzzle! Using a LinkedIn post, a set of clues, and your thinking cap - become the best sleuth in your GroupMe!!!

3/15/2022 - New Playing Cards!!!

Three new playing cards for you to look at: A Taylor Swift deck, a deck showcasing Tech Tower, and a blurred out deck that has pictures of my nephew (send me an email if my sister says I can, I'll show you the unblurred deck on a case by case basis).

12/13/2021 - WebPage List!!!

There is now a list of all the available content on the website! You can find it with the list icon in the sidebar. On that note - the sidebar has been standardized and truncated. It will be this way for a while with the new featured and random page icons! Finally, there is now a showcase video for the "Rockets" deck of playing cards

12/13/2021 - Swag Meter

The new and improved Swag Meter is live!!! Click on the epic sunglasses in the sidebar to generate your personlized Swag Distribution Report. The algorithms are subject to change and will continue to be tweaked, but I have plans to add a hall of fame for it. Until then, feel free to leave your composite swag score in a Visitor's Log entry, save your email report image, and send an email to qbear@qbear.org. Have fun!

10/25/2021 - Visitor's Log

I have added a visitor's log! Click on the waving hand in the sidebar to leave your mark and say hi to future visitors of the website.

8/8/2021 - New Apartment [External]

I moved. If you're trying to send me some mail or something, you may have the wrong address. Ask me for my new one!

5/28/2021 - New YouTube video [External]

I uploaded a new YouTube video - youtube.com ( "bruh" ). It's of me getting the last kill and the dub with my buddy Zoogiraffe. Give it a like if you think it's cool.

5/28/2021 - "What's New" tab creation

I made a tab for updates and stuff. So that is pretty cool if I say so myself. Also leaving here that "Red Standard" and "Zebra King Slayer" are the two decks on the Playing Cards tab that have videos so far.